The LHS engages in a variety of activities with the common goal of sharing and maintaining our local history, sometimes we coordinate our efforts with other historical societies as well.

Recently, We completed renovations on an old burial site we discovered last year near Hardscrabble Road. The gravesite restoration page has all the details.

Here is a sample of some initiatives we dedicate ourselves to:

  • We organize yearly events, like the tractor and engine show.
  • We maintain an archive of historical documents, personal diaries, photographs and official records.
  • We hold regular planning and administrative meetings, usually at the barn.
  • We curate and maintain a collection of historical artifacts and antiques.
  • We hold lectures on historical subjects of general interest, often inviting guest lecturers.

The LHS compound in North Limington houses the barn, where meetings are held, archives are kept and most of our artifacts are stored. There is also a reconstruction of a fully functional blacksmith shop, and the original Limington Public Library, which was moved to the compound from its original location on the village.

The LHS grounds is where we host some of our annual events such as the tractor and antique engine show. The Masonic Lodge in Limington Village, founded in 1818, was acquired by the LHS in 2007 and is now part of our property. Some events, like the quilt show, are held at the Old Town Hall, across the street from the Masonic Lodge.

wagon at the barn
library restoration
one of our models